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American Fruit Bundle: Persimmon and Raspberry

American Fruit Bundle: Persimmon and Raspberry
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American Fruit Bundle: $15 for one set of four American Persimmon trees and three Latham Raspberry canes. This bundle will extend your fruiting season by adding spring fruit with the raspberries to pick in early June, and early winter fruit with American Persimmon. 

Diospyros virginiana: American Persimmon can grow to be 30 feet wide with roots that form colonies or groves. The leaves are killed by 26 F when growing. They provide wood for some of the best wooden golf club heads and billiard cues that can be made. The tree is known for its desirable fruit as well. Trees will reach up to 60' tall, prefer full sun, moderate water. Persimmon trees are known for being highly adaptable to soil types and can even tolerate partial shade. The fruit, named persimmons by American Indians, is edible and highly popular in baking. Wood can be very desirable for harvest, but reaches highest value after 100 years when it is considered a "true ebony".  Rootstock is not sexed and only females produce fruit; flowers can be taken to the WSU Extension to identify the sex of your trees. We are including four trees in this bundle to give better odds of having a mix of male and female. 

Rubus idaeus: Latham Red Raspberry canes bear fruit in the late spring or early summer. Compared to other raspberries, they are less susceptible to diseases and pests. Originally from Minnesota, they are extremely hardy. Raspberries require a structure to grow on and can be more than 3 feet tall. Prepare a site with full sun, and provide lots of water in the spring. 

Looking for Raspberries as a stand-alone product? We will have some raspberries available at the surplus sale, but to guarantee your order, we recommend getting the bundle during the pre-order period. 

  • water use: Moderate Watering
  • sun: Full Sun
  • Edible
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